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    Visualize the news on the whole world: install a newsreader on your computer or in your Website, you will synthesize the current events published on Websites that you would have selected.

  • Your reader is installed

    You already have a reader of RSS news: Internet Explorer v7, Firefox v1, v2, v3, Thunderbird, Safari, Mozilla, as other navigators have news readers or RSS feeds.

Access to the content of Art-logic.info

Add this address to show the news of the whole site in your RSS reader, your RSS mail software, your RSS agregator. :
Or select another heading in this list ::

Javascript for Websites

A Website not equipped with online aggregator can also access to the content of Art-logic.info. Insert this Javascript between the body beacons of your HTLM page :

The content of the text will appear as shown in the demonstration. You can modify its css style.

  • Content for webmasters

    Titles and descriptions of the articles can be posted on your site. We benefit from some links, you benefit from dynamic content to webusers and to search engines.

  • RSS feeds in the site

    Go through the headings of the site and find thembuttonsRSS feeds at the foot of the pages. On the button, recover the information feed address of the heading, the forum or of the entire site.

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