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22 June 2012.

Photographic debates and lectures.

Those debates/lectures/encounters are made for specialists and (...)

The term ’freedom’ has a multitude of meanings, but maybe the best way to obtain freedom, the most savoured in a subjective way and the most useful to mankind, is to be competent in his own job, and to enjoy your work of course.
Translation of Primo Levi : La clé à molette.

Those debates/lectures/encounters are made for:

  1. Specialists who are already well-experienced and who want to compare their experiences, to improve their skills, to become more professional, to use good professional tools.
  1. Professionnals who animate debates by their experiences and want to improve their professionalism, to support this trade.

For potencial artisans, service providers.

 Choosing your status, contribution to URSSAT, VAT and tax system. Fiscal, URSSAF, CCI or Chamber of Trades and Crafts news.
 Canvassing, broadcasting your ads, communication strategy, Internet.
 Prices of the services: weddings, births, ... good prices and great experience.
 Suggest your price, talk about negociations, organize an appointment with the client.
 Organize a photoshooting, make photographs.
 Transfer of image rights, negociations, settled prices.
 Control your photographs, understanding what the client wants, imposing your style.

For potencial authors.

 Portfolio readings, demonstrations and confrontations to professional authors.
 Promoting your work, artworks, your image as an artist.
 Transfer of image rights, negociations, settled prices.
 Working under contracts with an agency, power of attorney.
 Getting in touch with art galeries or visual art exhibition places.
 How to collaborate with an artistic agent, an intermediary, a trader-negociator.
 Negociate your artistic creations, your exhibitions, your image.
 How to sell better and at higher price your artworks, limited at 30 copies.
 Presentation of the biography, artworks and of the catalogue for exhibitions.

Those days of information are open to specialists and professionals of the photographic world and are organized more or less every year, when participants and professionals are numerous enough.

Those events are mostly in French

Thanks for contacting the association to indicate that you want to participate. Free access or few shared costs.

Ask to be invited.

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