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20 juin 2012.

Promoting an artist standing out.

Nowadays, pictures are flourishing but the means dedicated to the (...)

Often we receive calls or mails from young photographers or artists who want to enrich themselves from our experiences. This article won’t try to offer the line to follow to obtain glory and fame, but will essentially question the artist on her/his way to communicate.

The artistic promotion strategy.

Words like ’strategy’ or ’promotion’ aren’t really conceptual for most artists that prefer to highlight their creations or ideas. Is it better to annoy ideas and to receive as answers grimaces or to take pleasure in convenience and ’wooden language’ or political correctness ? The second choice is not that easy :

Answer to the image abundance.

The artist, with the current experience of media, cannot ignore some realities. Nowadays, pictures are flourishing but the means dedicated to the promotion get the upper hand on creation. This problem comes from the multiplication of distribution means as well as distributors under various forms, but also to the increasing number of artists and photographers.

As a consequence, the distributionS are necessary to promote the artist’s work. The energy spent into broadcasting is considerable. To have a balance back between the production and the artist, other art professionals (everytime more important too) take over and engage themselves into supporting artists and exhibitions.

Collective : Sharing means.

Sharing means in collective multiplies the impact of broadcastings as they are shared between artists. Thanks to a common thought among artists, it highlights everyone’s work, it is more readable and respects the artists’ artwork.

As a consequence of the culture of competition, the collective promotes an enhanced work. Its role isn’t to join divided artists, working by themselves to work together, just for a collective exhibition. This way, the artists suggest a more coherent work from their thoughts.

Broadcasting tracks.

  1. Broadcastings that support the cultural plurality or the young generation of artists that are standing out.
  2. Culture from the artistic network (curators, artists...).
  3. Show your work via numerous festivals.
  4. Draw up a coherent and structured scheme of your work : series of articles destinated to the press, reviews, magazines, then broadcasting a book and/or an exhibition.
  5. International broadcasting.

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