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19 juin 2012.

How to sell your photographs ?

Sell to an online bank image : Your picture is wonderful and we (...)

Sell to an online bank image :

Your picture is wonderful and we promise you to be selected by an online bank image ? Fantastic ! But be careful : do not obtain dollars or credits that you will not be able to convert. Count expenses and details will be added to your management. Maybe you will also have the pleasure to be selected to make part of the photo elite. Everybody knows that these groups are paid in rupee and love to spend long hours to manage their fishy businesses.

Sell undercovered :

Someone suggests you to buy your picture unofficially ? Forget this idea right away. On the one hand, the right limits won’t be under control anymore, on the other hand, you won’t have any chance to ask for your rights as you got paid illegally. Nor will the buyer be covered for authors rights. However, he will take benefit from your work.

Without SIRET number, your work cannot be invoiced :

A private client cannot issue invoices even if the activity is not your principal work and if the sum is small. These methods are quite present on the web and are misleading. A suscription to the micro firm group is necessary to obtain invoices.

Sell to photo libraries ’right free’ :

The French Intellectual Property Code excludes the concept ’right free’ by imposing a frame scrupulously defined for the use of any artwork. Broadcasting your photographs ’right free’, is like loosing all your rights and authorizing the broadcasting of your pictures on all supports, limitless, by everybody and in all contexts. The firm that associates its product to the brand thanks to a right free picture broadcast everywhere incurs the risk to have its product associated to another company, in another context and even more : a rival.

Sell to the press / news photographer :

Newspapers or the press in general are forced to remunerate a photographer in order to broadcast pictures and writings. You should negociate for cost advances and expenses reimbursement. Any work sold as author’s rights is prohibiden. The AGESSA will refuse your invoices if the client is a press distributor. The advantage of such methods for a distributor consists in less important taxes. However, the URSSAF is there to withdraw these taxes. Employment tribunals guarantee to the injured photographer his salaries.

Sell via agencies :

The agency broadcasts in a catalogue pictures from the photographers. As the intermediary between the client and the photographer, it is in charge of the orders. The agency proposes generally its own standard contracts. Under these contracts, the photographer gives his pictures to the agency. This contract can be different from an agency to the other but should talk about the financial compensation, limits of image rights and sometimes various limits concerning the broadcasting like international customers, immoral broadcasting, web broadcasting, right free photo libraries. You need to contact various agencies and to choose the best offer for your work.

Sell as an author / AGESSA

You can sell to private customers but only 30 copies signed and numbered. You can also sell to firms for the broadcasting of original artworks. To suscribe, go to your tax centers and complete a P0i form. You will soon receive a SIRET number so that you can then make invoices to professional distributors or sell prints to private customers. See also the website of AGESSA for further information on invoices...

The AGESSA is a French association that manages social security taxation for authors, artists...

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