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Authentic creation reflects the society we know. Did art aspire (...)

Authentic creation reflects the society we know. Did art aspire to open a way to change ?

In progress: Portraits of our villages.

A collection of notes and testimonies accompagnied with photographs. A work made instantly that can be discovered as the photographs are collected.
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Exposition paranoïas contemporaines

A l’étude de l’artiste, nos défauts les plus refoulés. Paranoïa, avidité, lubricité, consumérisme.
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Nos aïeux, nos archétypes, notre ombre.

Se détacher de notre culture, sans titiller notre part d’ombre refoulée, fouiller l’introspective des civilisations, affronter nos archétypes pour extraire le meilleur de nos inconscients collectifs.
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We play with fire, and so our environment is burning.

Mankind learns from its mortal mistakes. Fear of death corrects those tendencies too rarely. The artwork, similar to a social observation, only reveals our ridiculous foolishness, and also shows (...)
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